Let us surprise you with our culinary delicacies

Take a break from everyday duties and let this vacation be your opportunity to relax and enjoy to the fullest. To make that possible, we opened a restaurant where a hearty lunch and an excellent dinner are being prepared for you.

Breakfast is, some say, the most important meal of the day, providing energy for your body, the energy that you will certainly know how to spend in Viganj. Tell us what are your favourite breakfast choices and we will give a personal touch to your breakfast.

The dinner begins with an appetizer – homemade herb-flavoured brandy or prosecco. After a good glass of prosecco or brandy in a good company, we will serve you with warm soup or cold appetizers, depending on our chefs’ (Tiho and Željko) imagination.

The salad, made with vegetables grown in our garden and dressed with homemade vinegar and olive oil, is different every day. The main course – meat, fish, or vegetarian specialty is, again, the result of our chefs’ creativity, and the dessert is the icing on the cake – our natural homemade ice-cream, homemade cakes, or fruit.

Price list

Breakfast 9
Dinner 20
Breakfast+ Dinner 25
Breakfast (children, 7 – 12 yrs) 5
Dinner (children, 7 – 12 yrs) 12
Note: All prices are in Euros, VAT included.
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