The story of the Mirina pension

Our story began in 1977 with a few rooms and guests who have been visiting us since then. Everything was different in those days. The rooms were small, all the towels in different colours, the meals were prepared in granny’s kitchen, and it was on granny’s veranda where we had placed a few wooden tables and benches. In times when Lambada was number one on the charts, we would bring a cassette recorder on the terrace and we would all dance – children and cousins, mums and dads, all the guests – our Harry & Maria, Bie, Edi & Linda & Bart, François & Dia with family, Wilfried & Luthard…

In 1988 we built two apartments in the loft of our family house, following the trends of those years. In 1990 dad and late uncle Tiho built the ground floor and a restaurant, with a vision of a small family hotel, but in 1991 it all came to a standstill with the beginning of the war. In 1995 we opened a bakery in the place of the restaurant and started making bread. The vision of a small family hotel waited for the right time to come true. As soon as tourism was gradually rebuilt, the restaurant finally fulfilled its purpose. In 2001 we are building additional four apartments, very different from those small rooms with different-colour towels.

Today we all long for a different vacation than we used to have; we love cosy spaces, the intimacy of our own apartment, spacious terraces, and a relaxing view of the sea.  These days in our pension we try to provide an opportunity for our guests to forget about everyday life and enjoy the fresh air, the scent of the sea and Mediterranean plants, the flavour of homemade wine and delicious food, to enjoy active vacation with surfing, swimming, cycling, hiking,…To enjoy the time they invested in themselves truly.


Our team

We are a big family who really enjoy their work. We find most satisfaction in the happy and relaxed faces of our guests – this is when we know that our goal is achieved. This is our family pension with a vision of a small family hotel offering many programs and intimate atmosphere, superior food, homemade wine, and vegetables grown in our garden. Each year we try to get better, we try to innovate, always striving to be a step ahead of your expectations.


ŽELJKO – our master of kitchen, an excellent chef and pastry cook; adores wine, olives, and his garden

DRAGANA – keeps everything in the house under control and, just as any good mum, knows that a good day begins with a hearty breakfast

TIHO – a young chef and a risotto lover; passionate mountain biker

IVANA – master of ice cream and a great gourmet; in love with Italy and an Italian man

MARIJA – in charge of reservations and communication, singing in the workplace and dancing salsa

IVAN – master of technical issues and technology, the person you want by your side on a WLAN party; diving enthusiast

ARIA – our youngest member, loves animals, especially her dog Leo

LEO – a white golden retriever, a sociable pet and a passionate swimmer