Viganj – a small town with an incredible vibe

Viganj is a small town in the south-western part of the Pelješac peninsula, with a long and rich maritime tradition, and lately a very desirable tourist destination for those who, besides a peaceful family vacation, enjoy in active vacation with various sports activities – windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, diving, swimming, stand up paddle surfing, cycling, hiking, paragliding.

Viganj is, without doubt, the adrenaline lovers’paradise. It is situated along the narrowest part of the Pelješac Channel, the channel that divides the Pelješac peninsula from the island of Korčula. Due to the narrow passage, the winds are stronger here and create ideal conditions for windsurfing.

During the warm summer months the landward breeze of maestral is an everyday phenomenon in Viganj – it blows from the morning until evening with an average speed of 30 km/h (during the warmest period of the day it reaches up to 70 km/h), allowing the adrenaline pleasure for surfers while reaching high speeds on the board. For those who prefer lying on the beach instead of surfing, the wind of maestral is their best friend, bringing freshness instead of oppressive heat to this town with over 2600 hours of sunshine per year.

When you get tired from different sports activities and sunbathing, go for a walk into the pristine nature, enjoy the exuberant fragrances of Mediterranean plants, taste homemade wines and olive oil, or visit the nearby picturesque villages. A few minutes’ drive from our pension is Nakovana, one of the eldest sites on Pelješac, 8000 years old. On your way to Nakovana you can see the fossilized shell remains, an in the place of Nakovana there is an Illyrian sanctuary, the old settlement, and several small churches. We recommend that you should take one day for a trip to the peak of St. Elias (Sv. Ilija), the highest mount and the most popular hiking destination on Pelješac. During the climb to the rocky summit, you will notice the change of several types of vegetation. The most striking rocky part is full of medicinal herbs. You shouldn’t miss this trip, the view from the summit will leave you mesmerized.


  • The beach of Ponta – the largest and the best known beach in Viganj, the centre of surfing and kiting activities.
  • Ploča – hidden naturist beach on the western exit of Viganj
  • Ivan – a small beach with crystal clear sea and big pebbles; it is situated in the bay underneath the church of St. John’s (Sv. Ivan) on the western exit of Viganj. In the vicinity of the beach there is a freshwater spring.

As the town of Viganj was established by the sea, and there are no private beaches, you can choose any of the number of small beaches with clean and clear sea all along Viganj.


Mareta is the only supermarket in Viganj, about 15-minutes’ walk or a 5-minutes’ drive from our pension.


Kuvenat – a former Dominician monastery that was recently opened to the visitors as a cultural centre of Viganj, where the visitors can explore the rich history and culture of Viganj and enjoy the musical and cultural evenings.


Sabbioncello – a souvenir and gift shop in the Kuvenat complex with original hand-made souvenirs, paintings, jewellery, and decorations.


– Waterdonkey
– Liberan

The schools are placed in the vicinity of the Ponta beach. You can rent windsurfing, kitesurfing, or SUP gear there, and those who haven’t tried these sports yet, can attend windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons. You may wonder if surfing is difficult to learn. Those who can surf say that everybody can learn surfing in 10 lessons – at least good enough to prepare the gear on their own, to put out to sea in the light wind and later return to the same place. It is worth trying!


– Čiringito – restaurant and beach bar with a fusion of Dalmatian cuisine and Spanish style; the bar with best cocktails in town

– Bistro Ponta – pizzeria and restaurant with a wide variety of fish and meat dishes

– Croccantino – a place with premium home-made ice cream made exclusively with natural ingredients, with no ready-made mixtures, no colours, preservatives, additives, or flavour enhancers. In Croccantino you can also buy fresh bread and pastries for breakfast.

  • Beach bar Bofor – beach bar in the centre of the main Ponta beach

– K2 – beach bar with tasty simple snacks and best music repertoire; a place for a night outing

– Konoba Forte – a Dalmatian tavern (“konoba”) where you can choose between a dozen of dishes

  • Izletište kod Ivana (Ivan’s country resort) – a homestead where you can taste barbecue specialties or order specialties made under a baking lid

– Vita Vi – smoothie and pancake bar with natural juices, healthy smoothies, frozen drinks, and excellent pancakes

  • Konoba Karmela – bar and tavern with an offer of several simple Dalmatian dishes
  • Konoba Maritimo – a smaller restaurant with a wide offer of pizzas and fish and meat dishes

– Bistro Montun – a restaurant with premium grilled meat specialties, lamb, and specialties made under a baking lid

– Pansion Mirina – the restaurant that is quickest to reach. J It is just below your apartment and offers a different menu every day, with a combination of Mediterranean and continental Croatian culinary delicacies and a glass of homemade wine.


Lovište: 10 km (13 min by car)
Ston: 67 km (1h 15 min by car)
Dubrovnik: 121 km (2h 4 min by car)
Korčula: 20 min by boat